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Wilkinson County Public Library and Paige the kangaroo are pleased to announce our newest literacy initiative – Page Hoppers Reading Club.


We all recognize the importance of reading for our children. Books open worlds of adventure, knowledge and opportunity, and with 85% of a child’s school curriculum dependent on the ability to read, literacy is vital to our children’s success.


Page Hoppers Reading Club focuses on children Pre-K through 6th grade aiming to help build the foundation of literacy for our youth and spur an excitement for reading that will last far into the future. Lively and entertaining stories, crafts, activities and special surprises are all a part of the Page Hoppers Reading Club.


So, here’s how it works. Once a month, the library will prepare a box for each child participant to be picked up at the Woodville or Centreville library. The following month, the child will return his/her box and pick up a new box.


Each box contains instructions along with two grade level books, two book review cards, activity sheets, a craft, and some special goodies.


Our Pre-K children may request a special box that includes two picture books along with matching Read-Along DVDs, as well as all the other goodies mentioned above.


To register, send an email to with your child’s name, age, grade, gender and parent/caregiver name and phone number, or simply call the library at 601-888-6712.


We are excited to offer this program and hope you will join us.

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